Friday, April 13, 2012

Wall Change

My Anna LOVES Africa. By that I mean she loves the animals, the landscape and the fact that you have to take a plane or boat to get there from our home. Her imagination has created beautiful stories of us going to Africa someday. When we built our home almost 2 years ago I created a wall on one side of Anna's bedroom that looked like this:


When I asked Anna what she would change about her room she pointed to this wall. 
I began researching ideas and there are A LOT of wonderful ones. 

These walls were my main inspiration for what turned into this:

I am still amazed at how thriftily this project was done. The photography is all from Costco. I know!
For $1.49 you can purchase an 8 x 10 photograph. I then found unfinished 8 x 10 picture frames at the Dollar Tree and painted them white. So for $2.49 I have a framed photograph. I found a paint by numbers at Walmart that Anna painted for her wall. Total cost $1.97. The more ornate frames came from TJMaxx for $7.99 each. (my "splurge") The letters were unfinished and came from Michaels for $1.39 each. I reused some from the "Little Birdie" that graced the wall previously. 

I recreated the giraffe art from a print I saw on Etsy and the elephant art was made from a Martha Stewart elephant punch and scrapbooking paper. 

I am thrilled with how this all turned out and Anna keeps telling me how she loves her animals!
Side effect: Too easy = must repeat