Saturday, July 24, 2010

Moving Weeks!

We are moving! After years of trying to figure out where to live and whether to build or buy an existing home we are finally moving into our home. We are thrilled and as you can imagine very busy right now. So I am signing off for a couple of weeks to get my family moved and settled and begin my favorite part....decorating!!!!
I will fill you in on all the fun and sweat of this exciting journey when I return.
Enjoy your summer!!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sewing - Room for Inspiration

I LOVE to decorate with a capital L so I have to include a sewing room in this weeks posts. I found this sewing room filled with wonderful ideas on BHG website and that is where all of these idea's will be coming from. These idea's will inspire you to create a place to be creative in whether it be sewing or another hobby you love.

My mother would swoon over this idea. It really reminds me of the old library card catalog system. If you ever see one of these in a yard sale or antique store it is a great organizational piece of furniture.

I cannot sing the praises of pegboards enough!

Both functional and decorative addition to your shelf.

I know my jaw literally dropped when I saw this idea. So easy and it makes such a statement.

Again, another jaw dropping moment. Pick fabrics that incorporate the colors in the room.

Grab all of the scrap pieces of fabric that have been collecting in your drawers and baskets and make some pin cushions just to you can create one of these functional and decorative pieces.
There are many more ideas on BHG website so please check it out. These are just a small sample of the ideas I fell in love with.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Sewing - Martha Stewart's projects

As you know, I get a lot of inspiration from Martha Stewart. When I saw this book at my Costco I had to pick it up, even though my first sewing endeavor in years was last week. All I can say is, buy it and learn!
It is FULL of wonderful ideas and the instructions on how to do the projects are very detailed and easy to follow. It even had a section that explains the different types of fabric there are and there are a lot!

You may be thinking,'s July right? Imagine them as great pin cushions! My next project is to make one of these with some left over printed fabric that I have. Ambitious, yes, but I think it will be fun to make and I cannot find what I like in stores so why not make it?

I have come to the conclusion that there is no reason a duvet cover should cost more than $20 and until recently, at Target, I have failed to find one. The whole reason I bought a duvet was so that I could change the cover at my whim. (as it turns out that whim would cost, on average, $55 per cover) This pattern calls for two flat sheets sewn together and voila! 

All I can say about this is please grab a pretty pillowcase and make this! It is super easy and adorable.

There are many, many more ideas on Martha Stewart so please check it out and start sewing!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sewing - A dangerously addictive thing

You may have noticed that I have been MIA lately and I do apologize. Between packing for our move in a couple of weeks (a 4 & 2 year old slow the process a bit) and learning a new skill, I have had little time to devote here. My postings will be sparse over the next several weeks but I do hope to share many of the great idea's I've come across and some new resources to utilize in the meantime.

Fabric from Wal-mart & Ragtime Fabrics

I am blessed with a family of great seamstresses and I'm ashamed to say I am only now taking the time to learn the skill. My grandmother is a wonder to watch sew and create. She made my wedding gown and I know that even while I was saying my vows, my grandmother was scolding herself for the "mistakes" only she could notice.
My mother is another skilled seamstress. She made my clothes as a child, even as a teenager indulging me in making a dress one night for an event the following day, reupholstering my forest green sofa into a white one and she is now teaching me how to sew on a sewing machine passed down from my grandmother.

I am creating a "story time nook" for both of my daughter and wanted floor pillows to put in those nooks. I found this wonderful fabric and my mother taught me this past week how to make pillow covers for them.

It is no secret that I am greatly intimidated by the skill of sewing. When my mother suggested making these loop button holes I was assuming she would take on the task but you learn by doing so learn I did and it wasn't hard!

This week I will be sharing some fun (and intimidating but doable) projects that you might like to take on.
You and I might surprise even ourselves!