Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas is Coming

Martha Stewart

My husband told me that as a child he would tell his parents he wanted a certain toy and the response was always "Christmas is Coming". Well Christmas is coming...rapidly!
 I LOVE Christmas. I am the one who wants to put up the tree in October and I am the first to know which radio station has FINALLY started to play Christmas carols. I love Christmas.

Over the next month I will be sharing some of my Christmas traditions and some new one's I have discovered. These posts may be far between due to the cookie baking, present shopping and just enjoying the season but I will try to post enough eye candy between now and Christmas for us to enjoy.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

With only a few days until Thanksgiving I am sure you are busy getting last minute groceries bought and table linens ironed. I have been doing the same.
With the menu written down and everything organized for a smooth Thanksgiving meal I thought I was ahead of the game! Until I realized I did not have a centerpiece idea or place card  idea.
I had never heard of the word pomander before but I had seen them all over Colonial Williamsburg and loved them. This is super easy to make and smells even better. Simply buy some oranges and whole cloves and push the cloves into the orange in any pattern you desire.

This was the inspiration for my place cards. I already have the materials needed. Just draw the letter onto the orange with a pen, poke holes along the lines with a push pin and then insert the clove. This is a great gift for your guests as well.

Whether you are on the road traveling or busy in the kitchen, I hope you have a low stress, warm and loving Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thanksgiving - Ways to say "Thank You"

You all know how I love the idea of message trees. This is a wonderful idea for Thanksgiving. Have each person write what they are thankful for on a tag and tie it to a tree branch. At the end of the meal take the tags down and read them aloud to your guests.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to give thanks to the one's you love. I started to think of ways to let those friends and family, I do not see very often, know how thankful I am of them and the answer was so simple. Write a thank you note!

My mother always had us writing thank you notes for gifts we had received at a very young age and it has carried over to my adulthood. Write a thank you note, not necessarily for a gift but for the relationships you treasure.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Thanksgiving is upon us and I, like many of you, have SO much to be thankful for this year. I have the honor of hosting the Thanksgiving meal at our home this year and I have found numerous ideas to share with you on how to make it a stress-free and beautiful day.
Country Living if full of great ideas for decorating your Thanksgiving table. The "Giving Thanks" candles above are simplistic yet classic. All you need are pillar candles, felt and glue. 

This rustic approach to the harvest table is very warm and welcoming. This would be perfect for an intimate Thanksgiving meal.

Place cards are always nice. Especially when you have a large group of people coming to dinner. This is a place card that can double as a take home gift as well.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fall Decorating - Vases of Plenty

One of my tried and true "emergency" decorating fall backs are vase fillers. If I need a centerpiece or a space filled with some color I empty a vase and fill it with whatever I have around the house. The possibilities are endless. Have some coffee beans and a candle? Apples? Lemons? Crayons? Just go shopping in your home. 
These vase fillers, by Pottery Barn, help create a beautiful harvest display.

If your lawn is covered in leaves and the squirrels have not taken all of the acorns that have fallen then grab a basket and gather some free vase fillers! If you do not have access to these things in your yard you can purchase them most anywhere.
These displays would be at home in your dining room or kitchen counter. Wherever you want to be reminded of the season.

Do NOT use acorns from your backyard. After my mother read my blog post she relayed a story of a Thanksgiving meal she had where acorns were in vases and set in the middle of the table. As the warmth of the room warmed the acorns, the worms that were living inside of the nut decided to venture out. This is NOT a dinner guest you want crashing your party.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fall Decorating - Warm Fuzzies

Who does not like to snuggle? Whether it be with that special someone or your favorite blanket and pillow, snuggling warms the body and heart. I am blessed with a dad who crochets afghans so we have no shortage of beautiful blankets. Shake out those blankets that you put away for the summer and drape one over your comfy chair or sofa so it is easy to grab when you settle down with a good book or movie.

Matters of Style blog

Pottery Barn

Texture is a big part of comfort as well. Think of your favorite sweater and imagine a pillow covered in that or a blanket made out of that. I recently saw some sweater-knit pillows at Target and Pottery Barn sells them as well. Splurge a little on a blanket or pillow you find extremely comfortable and it will be your best friend thru the cold months ahead.

Country Living

You may notice that plaid or tartan is poplar this time of year. These blankets are not only good for warmth but decoration as well. Try using one as a tablecloth on the nightstand in your guest bedroom to add a punch of color this holiday season.

Good Housekeeping

This plaid scarf is a lovely table runner for your sofa table. Instant touch of fall to your family room!

Let your sense of touch and sight guide you when decorating for the fall.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fall Decorating

Photo by Lisa

When the temperature starts to drop my natural instinct is to create an environment that feels warm...cozy. This week I will be giving tips on how to dress your home for the colder months ahead. This does not mean you need to repaint your dining room or spend a small fortune. Small accents throughout your home is all you need.

The picture below is of a ledge in my entryway located above my front door. It is the perfect spot to have a seasonal display. (not so perfect for my husband to access) About 90% of the items I already owned. I knew I needed a picture to fill a corner and I took a walk thru my home to see what pictures had warm/autumn colors and just switched it out for another picture. The lanterns were used in the previous seasonal display. The leaf garland was left over from a bridal shower I had hosted and the hay was bought during last years fall clearance. The orange pumpkins were purchased at Wal-mart, the small grape fine pumpkin from Target and the large pre-lit pumpkin from Pier One.

Photo by Lisa

I realize that everyone does not have a ledge like this to display your seasonal items. Entryway tables, mantels, and dining room sideboards are wonderful options for fall decor as well.

Photo by Lisa

My entryway table is decked out for the fall as well. The blessings pumpkins were a great find, last year, at the Family Christian Bookstore. The leaf garland is the same used on the ledge and the vases are filled with brown stones and sticks bought at Target. All of these things were already stored in my basement. That is one of the perks of buying a little here and there during end of the season sales. The holiday or season comes next year and you do not need to purchase anything!