Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Scandinavian Christmas

I'm not quite sure when my love of Scandinavian decorating began. It may have started with my first trip to IKEA, the simplistic approach taken, or the way everything seems to be hand crafted with love. Regardless of the when or were I LOVE Scandinavian decor.

I first bought straw star ornaments and tree topper at IKEA several years ago and then added to it a straw wreath. Wouldn't you know that my cats loved my straw ornaments as much as I did and reduced my collection by a few. 

You will find a lot of red and white in Scandinavian Christmas decorating. 

Now for a little shameless IKEA promoting. Take a look at what is available this Christmas.
Perfect for lighting up the entrance to your home. Try hanging a few from a sturdy branch over your dining room table.

Perfect for Santa's milk.

Adhere to a throw pillow for an instant Nordic touch.

These cards are perfect for framing and displaying during the Christmas season.

My daughters thought this was the perfect way to display Rudolph. 
I encourage you to explore the ways different cultures celebrate the season as I have. 
You may just fall in love with one.

Nail Polish that Makes me Smile

Who is not a fan of The Muppets? With the new Muppet movie out in theaters I think it only fitting to celebrate with a new nail color to fit the occasion. With names like Gone Gonzo!, Fresh Frog of Bel Air, Gettin'Miss Piggy With It!, Animal-istic, Meep - Meep - Meep, Wocka Wocka!, Warm & Fozzie and many more I have fallen in love. 

Take a trip to your local Target, CVS, or other O.P.I selling store and rock some Muppet color. Even if you prefer a more neutral pallet I would reserve the your little piggies for the Divine Swine.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Operation Christmas Child

I know! I'm talking about Christmas and I've skipped Thanksgiving completely. I'm not entirely skipping Thanksgiving but letting you know about something going on this week. 
As a child my family would fill shoe boxes with gifts for children all over the world who were a little (or a lot) less fortunate. This year I am starting the tradition with my own children and I have to tell you I think I got more out of watching them shop for their child.

My oldest chose a girl her age and my second daughter chose a boy. We made a trip to the dollar store and Target and filled the cart with toys, toothpaste and toothbrushes, candy, a note from my daughters and a prayer. It was THAT easy. I would suggest that if you can afford it buy a plastic storage box the size of a shoe box for your gifts. This way the box can be used for other needs after it is emptied.
Tonight, after Daisies, my daughters and I will take the shoe boxes to a drop off location (usually a local church). 

Samaritans Purse has this wonderful feature that lets you track your shoe box so my children will be able to see where their gift goes. Each shoe box requires a $7 donation to cover the cost of shipping and such.

I would STRONGLY encourage you to start this tradition in your home this year. Go to 
for more information and start shopping!