Friday, February 26, 2010

Dinner Under the Tree Branch


(Top picture from / Bottom picture from Pottery Barn)
These idea's are for 1. the adventuresome and  2.  dinner guests who don't mind dining in the dark (additional lighting will be needed since your chandelier has been replaced)
I love the fun and organic feeling that the branch chandelier gives to an otherwise very formal room.
This does not have to be a permanent installation but give it a try and you may just want it to be. 
I would love to hang miniature votive candles from the branches. Talk about instant mood lighting!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tree Branches as Home Decor

As seen in Pottery Barn Kids
 As seen on Twilite Moon Blog

                                                            As seen on Apartment Therapy

Many of us are looking for ways to bring the outdoors in. Especially during the winter seasons when we spend so much of our time indoors looking out. (Unless you are lucky enough to live in the beautiful South)

In my search for uses of tree branches used as decoration I came across a recommendation on how to seal the branch. Make sure the branch has thoroughly dried out before shellacking (or sealing) it. If the branch is still moist at the core it will mildew and you will need to discard it. You can find a sealant and most any craft store.

As seen in Pottery Barn Teen

If the thought of bringing a tree branch into your home is not very appealing you can get the same effect with a wall mural as seen in the above picture. A great website for wall murals and words is .  They are not as scarce as they once were to find. Check out your local craft store or even Target or Walmart.
These are all very easy and beautiful additions to make to your home.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Things to hang on your Tree Branch Centerpiece


I found this picture of a "Wishing Tree" on one of my favorite blogs Hostess with the Mostess and her coverage of the "Oh How Tweet" baby shower. For this baby shower each guest writes a wish for the baby or mother (or both) and ties it to a branch in the centerpiece. After the shower the mother can put the wish cards in a scrapbook to always reflect on this special time in her life.
Some more decorative idea's of things to hang are as follows:
  • Miniature tissue paper pom poms (How To instructions are located at
  • Ornate butterflies for a butterfly themed party or for a nice springtime effect. (Clip on butterflies, bird, bumble bees, etc. can be found at Michaels. Butterflies can also be found at
  • Lightweight luminaries are an elegant touch for more formal affairs 
  • Miniature pumpkins for Halloween, decorated eggs for Easter, homemade valentines for Valentines day.

 This was a Tree Branch centerpiece I did for my Halloween party. I spray painted the branches black, bought these cute miniature Jack-O-Lanterns from Michaels and filled a large plastic cauldron with floral styrofoam and covered the top with fake cobwebs. 
Tree Branches can be painted to fit the theme or occasion but most times I find that leaving them their natural brown color works best.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Tree Branches - Centerpiece & Home Accessory

I have become a big fan of the many uses of tree branches. It began when I was looking for a centerpiece idea for my Halloween party. I came across a picture of a buffet table with a vase filled with tree branches painted black and Halloween decor hanging from them. Such an inexpensive and impressive centerpiece. Thus began my search for other tree branch centerpiece ideas and uses for them. There are a lot! This week I will tell you some of my own ideas and share some that I have found that you will want to recreate at your next party or add to your home.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Let the party begin!

Hello everyone! I cannot believe that it has taken me this long to begin a blog on what I love doing...throwing parties and decorating homes. For years I have filled binders with cut outs of ideas that I love from magazines and websites. What better way to share this with everyone and fuel my creative side than to write a blog about my passions. I hope to give those of you reading some inspiration for your next party or decorating project and offer my services in reaching your goal.
May this experience be a fun one for everyone!