Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Camden's Nursery


I have mentioned before that Camden's room has taken on many theme's. It started out as an African theme then a world travel theme and then an aviation theme. The result is a mixture of all three and I would like to think that I pulled it off pretty well. 
The changing table is actually an IKEA bookcase turned onto it's side and can later be turned upright for books and things. The circle rugs were found at TJmaxx but IKEA sells similar one's as well. 
The giraffe and zebra print pillows were a great find at Wal-mart in their outdoor section. 

Pottery Barn Kids

This ad for Pottery Barn Kids was the inspiration for the map art I created for the nursery. I searched high and low for old maps and could not find exactly what I was looking for without spending a lot more than I anticipated. I finally found exactly what I wanted (and more) in my mother-in-laws basement where they keep all of their old National Geographic's. The maps inside of the old magazines were perfect and costed me nothing!

The monogram made out of buttons was an idea I had found while searching the web for button art ideas. A quick stop to Michaels for the frame and Wal-mart for the buttons was all I needed. I printed out the letter and traced it onto some scrapbook paper I already had and then simply glued the buttons onto the traced letter.  
My daughters wanted to add their own touch to the room so they painted two airplanes (also purchased at Wal-mart) and placed them on two shelves.

This mobile was purchased when I was decorating my oldest daughters nursery and I never used it but stored it away for a day when I thought I would need it. Well this mobile was turned into.....


I used leftover maps that I had from the other projects and made paper airplanes out of them then super glued them to the string. I am now a "master" at making paper airplanes after watching a wonderful YouTube tutorial video. 

It has been a lot of fun to decorate for the arrival of our little boy. I am still finding idea's that I would LOVE to incorporate into the room but there is only so much space to decorate and I think more would just be more at this point. 
It's a room that makes my husband and I smile when we walk into it and I hope Camden grows to love it too.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rainbow Party Feature

Rainbow Party Invitations

I am always blown away by the creativity I find when looking at event planner blogs and idea's in magazines. This party is worthy to be featured in both but I have the privileged of saying that I actually know the person who put together this amazing party. My friend Rachel has two adorable daughters and her youngest turned 2 recently. This bright and cheerful theme would make the most cloudy day sunny.

Rainbow Inspired Food Table

Rainbow Cupcakes

Rainbow Jell-O

Amazing! I think the Jell-O is one of my favorites and from what I hear a bit time consuming to put together but SO worth the effort. I cannot help but think that this would be great for a Rainbow Brite party as well.

Rainbow Rice Table

This is just genius. I just wish that once the children got their hands into the rice the colors knew where they belonged and stayed there. The aftermath was a well mixed rainbow.

Rainbow Bracelet Table

This is a wonderful gift for kids to take home.

Party Favors

Speaking of gifts. Rachel MADE these crayon letters that spelled out each kid's name to take home. I hear that the letter "S" was particularly easy to make.

Rachel & Emma

The birthday girl with mom. I think this birthday was VERY well celebrated. Thank you to Rachel for letting me brag on your amazing party throwing skills and a big Happy Birthday to Emma!

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Many Uses of Mason Jars

I have the fondest memories of my grandmother taking my grandfather a mid morning snack while he was out plowing the fields. It would most likely consist of a Little Debbie cake and some sweet tea that she would pour into a mason jar. I loved this memory in part because I was given a snack at the same time but also because I remember my grandfather always giving my grandmother a kiss or a swat on the tush before climbing back onto the tractor. So much love.

Mason jars bring up images of summer for me. It may be because my mother was busy canning fruits and vegetables in the summer and I remember the kitchen being full of mason jars. The jar above is not a mason jar but the idea is what I'm going for. When you pack for a picnic and you want to take a long something a little more classy than PB&J this fruit, cheese, and herb skewer would do the trick. 

What is a summer without catching fireflies? This idea from Southern Living is a wonderful party favor idea for a backyard BBQ or something for you to use with your children one evening after dinner.

The wonderful eye candy above, provided by Pottery Barn, is ingenious. Take a simple jar and create a permanent light fixture for your kitchen, dining room, name it. 

Hanging Mason jar lanterns from your trees can create the perfect romantic mood in your own backyard. The wonderful thing about this project is how affordable it is! 

When you do not need candlelight try this beautiful decoration of floating flowers. This was used for a wedding but I would use it for any outdoor celebration.

I've only just scratched the surface of the many uses of the Mason jar. Next time you are in Walmart or the grocery store buy a box of Mason jars and let your creative juices flow.