Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rainbow Party Feature

Rainbow Party Invitations

I am always blown away by the creativity I find when looking at event planner blogs and idea's in magazines. This party is worthy to be featured in both but I have the privileged of saying that I actually know the person who put together this amazing party. My friend Rachel has two adorable daughters and her youngest turned 2 recently. This bright and cheerful theme would make the most cloudy day sunny.

Rainbow Inspired Food Table

Rainbow Cupcakes

Rainbow Jell-O

Amazing! I think the Jell-O is one of my favorites and from what I hear a bit time consuming to put together but SO worth the effort. I cannot help but think that this would be great for a Rainbow Brite party as well.

Rainbow Rice Table

This is just genius. I just wish that once the children got their hands into the rice the colors knew where they belonged and stayed there. The aftermath was a well mixed rainbow.

Rainbow Bracelet Table

This is a wonderful gift for kids to take home.

Party Favors

Speaking of gifts. Rachel MADE these crayon letters that spelled out each kid's name to take home. I hear that the letter "S" was particularly easy to make.

Rachel & Emma

The birthday girl with mom. I think this birthday was VERY well celebrated. Thank you to Rachel for letting me brag on your amazing party throwing skills and a big Happy Birthday to Emma!


  1. I have just checked out your entire blog! It's awesome! Tonnes of colourful fun inspiration (many pages bookmarked for future reference!). Thanks for sharing all this :)

  2. I can't see any of the pictures would you repost them?

  3. All of the pictures on my blog were accidentally deleted and I am slowly getting them back on. I'm so sorry for the inconvenience!

  4. Where do we go to learn how to make the letter crayons? Thanks