Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Celebration - July 4th decor

I have to say that when I browsed thru my mom's most recent Good Housekeeping magazine I hit the jackpot in July 4th decorating ideas. The closeup picture of this miniature flag wreath in the magazine is much better than this one that I found online so if you can still find the July issue do so!
I REALLY like this patriotic wreath idea. I hate to say it but so many times the July 4th decorations that I see are really tacky. I would be proud to have this wreath hang on my door for much longer than the holiday.

Good Housekeeping

Another simplistic idea but what a statement. White Japanese lanterns with red and blue ribbon attached with double sided tape and you have a great decoration for an indoor or outdoor celebration.

Good Housekeeping

I LOVE the endless decorating possibilities the pinwheels present. These patriotic pinwheels are a wonderful centerpiece and toy for the kids to play with and take home with them.

All You

This is another example of a close up in a magazine being better than what I could find online. The ice cream cones with patriotic sprinkles were the main reason for my selecting this photo but I also really like the pennant banner that is strung over the ice cream table. Many great ideas to take and use in your July 4th celebration!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer Celebration - July 4th food

July 4th is a time to celebrate many things. Our freedom, the beginning of summer, and a lot of fun to be had outdoors!
A hot day calls for something cool and sweet to drink. I love these patriotic parasols that you can stick into any beverage.  I would even use them to stick into sandwiches to keep them together.

Good Housekeeping

This red strawberry tea sounds perfect for any reason to celebrate. The blueberry skewers are festive and a quick addition to make to your drinks.

Better Homes and Gardens

This yummy dessert will be requested on days other than July 4th. It almost looks too pretty to eat!

Martha Stewart

My old reliable chocolate covered pretzels are great for that outdoor picnic under the fireworks. My girls have already requested it and your family will love the snack.

Martha Stewart

This is a recipe I want to try this July 4th. A sandwich of cookie and jam is another great picnic addition. One alteration I would make would be to make half of the sandwich cookies with jam and the other half with a chocolate/hazelnut spread for my husband who does not care for fruit fillings. This recipe has many possibilities!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Father's Day - Favorites

It's easy to fill Father's Day with a lot of "stuff" that we hope relays the message that we appreciate the men in our lives. Take a different approach this year. This will require some planning which I know is hard with everyone's busy schedules but I think it will be well worth it in the end.

This is traditionally "Dad's Day". Make it a day of his favorite things. Favorite food, favorite drinks, favorite games, favorite place to spend the name it. What matters is that you care and you've taken the time to notice these things about him.

I love this idea from Martha Stewart for map coasters. Think of some of your dad's favorite vacation spots or hangouts and make a memorable gift for Father's Day.

My husband loves to play golf so these cupcakes would be a great dessert to a Father's Day meal.
Whatever his favorite may be you will be one of them at the end of the day!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Father's Day - Baseball Party

If you're like me you are racking your brain right now (6 days before Father's Day) trying to think of how to let the men in your life know how much they are loved and appreciated.
Sports are usually a safe place to start when thinking of party themes or gift ideas for men.
It is baseball season so naturally I have a baseball themed party idea.
These cupcakes are unbelievably easy. A yummy cupcake, white icing and red M&Ms and you've hit a home run.

Bring the ballpark to your home with these idea's. Use some of your honoree's favorite snack foods such as sunflower seeds and bubble gum when planning your concession table. Hot pretzels, hot dogs, popcorn and peanuts are a great addition to a ballpark meal.
Set up a backyard ball game and I have a feeling your Father's Day celebration will be a hit!

Friday, June 4, 2010


Smelling the first hint of salty sea air - Check
Wiggling my toes in the sand - Check
Soaking in every bit of the beach this week - Most Definitly!
See you in a week!

The Beach - Gifts from the Sea

Every year when I return from the beach I come back with shells I've collected and starfish I have bought at little shops and sea glass bought and found. I love to spread them throughout the house to remind me of my trip.
If you cannot make it to the beach this summer there are many stores that carry these treasures for you to purchase.

Starfish garland is not just for Christmas decorating. Dress up your windows with a strand of this beautiful garland or buy starfish individually like I do and place them within your windowsill or on the molding encasing your window. 

I used to keep a jar of sea glass in my bathroom before my children discovered them. The colors are soothing and inspiring. Next time you are combing the beach you might be surprised to see some peaking out of the sand.

I've seen these in magazines and thought they were beautiful but never knew what they were. These are glass floats used, mostly, by Japanese deep sea fishermen. They continue to wash up on America's beaches today.

These are all truly treasures to be treasured and not horded. So please take a few but leave some for your fellow beach lovers to enjoy.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Beach - Kid's rooms

I have a weakness for decorating children's rooms. It is a room where you can use colors you would not ordinarily use in other parts of the house and your child's imagination can shine. I love how the white backdrop of the walls and ceiling let the focus be on the pink light fixture and bean bag chairs.
You might be thinking, white in a KID'S room?!? Have you lost it?!?
White is the easiest thing to clean. This is from one who has a white sofa with two young children. Trust me.

This is a great example how you can meld boys and girls tastes in one room. IT CAN BE DONE!

This is brand spank'n new fabric from Pixie Dust decor. Stacy was gracious enough to give me a preview of the yacht-stripe fabric which would be perfect for a boys room. Imagine your little one plopped down on this pillow reading his favorite story.

Target has an adorable Circo Sea line of quilts, lamps, sheets and curtains for girls and boys. I do not like to buy all of a themed thing but use one to build the rest of your room off of like the lamp or quilt.
Regardless of your color scheme or theme, this is your child's room and if he is old enough to voice his/her opinion let them have some input. (within reason)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Beach - Color

I am a firm believer in surrounding myself with color. In some of the first homes that I lived in there was not a single room that was white. If you had asked me 3 years ago if I considered white as a color I would of said no. I have since changed my way of thinking and surprisingly find white a great color, especially when using the coast as inspiration in my home decorating. 
As I have mentioned before, my husband and I are in the final stages of building our home and last week I had the task of picking out all of the paint colors for the house. It is VERY easy to get carried away but I feel that if you stick to a few colors but vary the shades a bit you achieve a calming atmosphere and smooth transitions from room to room. 

The picture above represents the color scheme I have selected for my house. I found a throw pillow that incorporated blue, green, cream, and a sandy shade and built off of that. 

My Home Ideas

As I mentioned before, white can make the colors you choose to accent with stand out even more.

My Home Ideas

One of the problems I run into while decorating with the coast in mind is to not solely focus on the colors of the water. The sandy beaches, colorful sunrises and sunsets, sea grass and not to mention the colorful homes that line most coastal towns. These bright yellow chair covers are a great punch of color that remind me of the warm sun.

Something's Gotta Give kitchen

For all of you who also watch the movie Something's Gotta Give primarily to take decorating notes, I am sure you know about this kitchen. Aside from being my dream kitchen, I think it accomplishes the simplicity and clean lines that a coastal themed kitchen should have. The dark hardwood and black counter tops help to ground the otherwise largely white kitchen.
Simply perfect!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Beach - Outdoor Accents

Martha Stewart

I leave for vacation in a couple of days, to visit my first love (as my husband refers to it) the ocean. Since I have it on the brain (as I always do) I thought I would spend some time on ways to decorate, accent, and simplify your home in a coastal way.

I may live in an area surrounded by mountains but I find every way that I can to bring the coast to my home.
I loved this idea of creating a centerpiece with very large shells. Just looking at it transports me to the beach.

Pottery Barn

Outdoor curtains are HUGE right now. I see them in most decorating magazines as solutions to "soften" the right angles that are present on porches, under deck's, and other outdoor spaces. Add wind chimes tinkling in the wind and you have brought the resort to your home!