Friday, June 4, 2010

The Beach - Gifts from the Sea

Every year when I return from the beach I come back with shells I've collected and starfish I have bought at little shops and sea glass bought and found. I love to spread them throughout the house to remind me of my trip.
If you cannot make it to the beach this summer there are many stores that carry these treasures for you to purchase.

Starfish garland is not just for Christmas decorating. Dress up your windows with a strand of this beautiful garland or buy starfish individually like I do and place them within your windowsill or on the molding encasing your window. 

I used to keep a jar of sea glass in my bathroom before my children discovered them. The colors are soothing and inspiring. Next time you are combing the beach you might be surprised to see some peaking out of the sand.

I've seen these in magazines and thought they were beautiful but never knew what they were. These are glass floats used, mostly, by Japanese deep sea fishermen. They continue to wash up on America's beaches today.

These are all truly treasures to be treasured and not horded. So please take a few but leave some for your fellow beach lovers to enjoy.

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