Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Beach - Kid's rooms

I have a weakness for decorating children's rooms. It is a room where you can use colors you would not ordinarily use in other parts of the house and your child's imagination can shine. I love how the white backdrop of the walls and ceiling let the focus be on the pink light fixture and bean bag chairs.
You might be thinking, white in a KID'S room?!? Have you lost it?!?
White is the easiest thing to clean. This is from one who has a white sofa with two young children. Trust me.

This is a great example how you can meld boys and girls tastes in one room. IT CAN BE DONE!

This is brand spank'n new fabric from Pixie Dust decor. Stacy was gracious enough to give me a preview of the yacht-stripe fabric which would be perfect for a boys room. Imagine your little one plopped down on this pillow reading his favorite story.

Target has an adorable Circo Sea line of quilts, lamps, sheets and curtains for girls and boys. I do not like to buy all of a themed thing but use one to build the rest of your room off of like the lamp or quilt.
Regardless of your color scheme or theme, this is your child's room and if he is old enough to voice his/her opinion let them have some input. (within reason)

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