Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Father's Day - Favorites

It's easy to fill Father's Day with a lot of "stuff" that we hope relays the message that we appreciate the men in our lives. Take a different approach this year. This will require some planning which I know is hard with everyone's busy schedules but I think it will be well worth it in the end.

This is traditionally "Dad's Day". Make it a day of his favorite things. Favorite food, favorite drinks, favorite games, favorite place to spend the name it. What matters is that you care and you've taken the time to notice these things about him.

I love this idea from Martha Stewart for map coasters. Think of some of your dad's favorite vacation spots or hangouts and make a memorable gift for Father's Day.

My husband loves to play golf so these cupcakes would be a great dessert to a Father's Day meal.
Whatever his favorite may be you will be one of them at the end of the day!

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