Monday, June 6, 2011

The Many Uses of Mason Jars

I have the fondest memories of my grandmother taking my grandfather a mid morning snack while he was out plowing the fields. It would most likely consist of a Little Debbie cake and some sweet tea that she would pour into a mason jar. I loved this memory in part because I was given a snack at the same time but also because I remember my grandfather always giving my grandmother a kiss or a swat on the tush before climbing back onto the tractor. So much love.

Mason jars bring up images of summer for me. It may be because my mother was busy canning fruits and vegetables in the summer and I remember the kitchen being full of mason jars. The jar above is not a mason jar but the idea is what I'm going for. When you pack for a picnic and you want to take a long something a little more classy than PB&J this fruit, cheese, and herb skewer would do the trick. 

What is a summer without catching fireflies? This idea from Southern Living is a wonderful party favor idea for a backyard BBQ or something for you to use with your children one evening after dinner.

The wonderful eye candy above, provided by Pottery Barn, is ingenious. Take a simple jar and create a permanent light fixture for your kitchen, dining room, name it. 

Hanging Mason jar lanterns from your trees can create the perfect romantic mood in your own backyard. The wonderful thing about this project is how affordable it is! 

When you do not need candlelight try this beautiful decoration of floating flowers. This was used for a wedding but I would use it for any outdoor celebration.

I've only just scratched the surface of the many uses of the Mason jar. Next time you are in Walmart or the grocery store buy a box of Mason jars and let your creative juices flow.


  1. Mason jars and summer just go together! Some great ideas shown here.

    (had to laugh at your comment about your granddaddy giving your grandma a swat on the tush!)

  2. Granmda said thanks for the tribute. Mom (I)loved the tribute to Dad. It's Canning Time again. Green Beans and pickles so far.

  3. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing.