Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fall Decorating - Vases of Plenty

One of my tried and true "emergency" decorating fall backs are vase fillers. If I need a centerpiece or a space filled with some color I empty a vase and fill it with whatever I have around the house. The possibilities are endless. Have some coffee beans and a candle? Apples? Lemons? Crayons? Just go shopping in your home. 
These vase fillers, by Pottery Barn, help create a beautiful harvest display.

If your lawn is covered in leaves and the squirrels have not taken all of the acorns that have fallen then grab a basket and gather some free vase fillers! If you do not have access to these things in your yard you can purchase them most anywhere.
These displays would be at home in your dining room or kitchen counter. Wherever you want to be reminded of the season.

Do NOT use acorns from your backyard. After my mother read my blog post she relayed a story of a Thanksgiving meal she had where acorns were in vases and set in the middle of the table. As the warmth of the room warmed the acorns, the worms that were living inside of the nut decided to venture out. This is NOT a dinner guest you want crashing your party.

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