Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fall Decorating - Warm Fuzzies

Who does not like to snuggle? Whether it be with that special someone or your favorite blanket and pillow, snuggling warms the body and heart. I am blessed with a dad who crochets afghans so we have no shortage of beautiful blankets. Shake out those blankets that you put away for the summer and drape one over your comfy chair or sofa so it is easy to grab when you settle down with a good book or movie.

Matters of Style blog

Pottery Barn

Texture is a big part of comfort as well. Think of your favorite sweater and imagine a pillow covered in that or a blanket made out of that. I recently saw some sweater-knit pillows at Target and Pottery Barn sells them as well. Splurge a little on a blanket or pillow you find extremely comfortable and it will be your best friend thru the cold months ahead.

Country Living

You may notice that plaid or tartan is poplar this time of year. These blankets are not only good for warmth but decoration as well. Try using one as a tablecloth on the nightstand in your guest bedroom to add a punch of color this holiday season.

Good Housekeeping

This plaid scarf is a lovely table runner for your sofa table. Instant touch of fall to your family room!

Let your sense of touch and sight guide you when decorating for the fall.

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  1. A wonderful nod to your Dad! Now that's a warm fuzzy! And I'm going to curl up and get cuddly tonight!