Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sewing - Room for Inspiration

I LOVE to decorate with a capital L so I have to include a sewing room in this weeks posts. I found this sewing room filled with wonderful ideas on BHG website and that is where all of these idea's will be coming from. These idea's will inspire you to create a place to be creative in whether it be sewing or another hobby you love.

My mother would swoon over this idea. It really reminds me of the old library card catalog system. If you ever see one of these in a yard sale or antique store it is a great organizational piece of furniture.

I cannot sing the praises of pegboards enough!

Both functional and decorative addition to your shelf.

I know my jaw literally dropped when I saw this idea. So easy and it makes such a statement.

Again, another jaw dropping moment. Pick fabrics that incorporate the colors in the room.

Grab all of the scrap pieces of fabric that have been collecting in your drawers and baskets and make some pin cushions just to you can create one of these functional and decorative pieces.
There are many more ideas on BHG website so please check it out. These are just a small sample of the ideas I fell in love with.

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