Monday, October 29, 2012

Handmade Christmas Part 1

Preparations for Christmas began early this year since I am hoping to hand make most gifts. In early September I purchased two unfinished castles from Michaels and used my 40% off coupons to bring the cost to $11.99 each. Michaels did not have the wooden pegs that I wanted so I ordered them from Craft Parts . 

Fast forward two months later and I now have two finished castles. This Hogwarts castle is for my little guy. The guidepost on the corner directs students to Hogsmead, Forbidden Forest, Hogsmead Station and other places.

The great room has the school crest and four house flags displayed.

Portraits line the staircases.

This pull out drawer is the Room of Requirement.

I gathered inspiration from Pinterest and other creative sources.

This was an unfinished wood box that I also purchased at Michaels and painted then lined with felt. This will hold my little guy's peg people.

This castle is for my daughter's to share. I took inspiration from Disney's Sleeping Beauty for the trees and shrubs.

One daughter will receive Disney princess peg people and the older will receive the Harry Potter trio, International inspired girls and American Girl doll inspired peg people. 

American Girl Dressing room

American Girl Doll's
Rebecca, McKenna, Caroline & Josephina


Unfinished Wood boxes that I painted and lines just like my son's box.

Both were a lot of fun to make and hopefully my children will have fun playing with them too!

These were also finds at Michaels. An unfinished barn and horse stable that I painted for one of my daughters. It's the end of October and I already have a big dent made in my Christmas shopping!!!

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  1. Now that's what I call creative, economical, and LOTS of fun for YEARS to come! GREAT JOB! There will be excited squeals come Christmas morning!