Thursday, November 1, 2012

DIY from Pinterest

I made this! You may have noticed that the latest trend is chalkboard painting and really elaborate chalk art. I wanted a framed chalkboard to put on top of my entertainment center but did not want to pay the elaborate price. I found the open back frame at Michaels and again used my trusty 40% coupon so ended up paying $16 for it. I then went to Lowes and had a nice employee cut a piece of hardwood the size of the opening and then painted the wood with chalkboard paint I already had in the basement.

This was my inspiration. 

This is mine! I hope to change the words per change of season.
My total cost was less than $20.
Not bad!

These are going to be bookends. 
You need two brick pavers from Lowes at roughly $.56 a piece, two plastic toys (these were $1 a piece at Walmart) a can of spray paint and hot glue.

My $1 dinos

The above photo was the inspiration and...

These are mine! 
It was super easy and I love them. I do need to add that if using spray paint you might want the bookends to sit outside for a few days (if the weather is nice) to let some of the fumes die down before putting them in your kids room. 

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  1. AWESOME! I know one kid in particular LOVES those dinosaurs. Classy looking "Thanks" - Chalkboard paint proves to have many uses.