Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Eggselent Ideas

I've never been a big fan of dyeing eggs or decorating them for Easter. Honestly, if I am putting that much effort into something I would like to be able to use it year after year. These decoupage ideas from April's issue of Family Circle got me to thinking. Why not use plastic eggs or wooden eggs in place of the real thing and accomplish the same result? 

Kids would really get into making these adorable animal decoupage eggs. Take some idea's from children's book illustrator Eric Carle and make some Brown Bear eggs or a  Hungry Caterpillar series.

If you're like me you save every scrap of fabric you have left from previous projects and put them to use in new one's. These plastic eggs are covered in bright/Spring-like fabric and would look lovely nestled in a shallow bowl or small nest.

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