Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bambi / Forest Friend 5th Birthday Party

My "baby" is now 5 years old! Seriously where did the time go? 

Isabelle had requested a Bambi themed birthday party and since it is insanely hard to find Bambi themed things I broadened the theme to Forest friends as well. I lucked out in being able to use some decorations for the baby shower earlier in the week for the birthday party at the end of the week. Yay!

This was a super easy display to put together. I bought the fake moss at the dollar store (wonderful stuff) and the butterfly clips at Michaels. I already owned the bundles of sticks and had made the owls last month. 

The menu included dirt dessert (complete with gummy worms), Jello jigglers in the shapes of squirrels and horses, cupcakes, fruit, popcorn, chocolate covered pretzel sticks and Cheetos. 

The strawberry cupcakes were topped with homemade toothpick art. I found the forest friend scrapbook stickers and circle punch at Michaels and Isabelle and I assembled them all for our afternoon craft time.
I have to say the end result is quite cute:)

The hanging flowers were left over from the baby shower decor and the birthday banner was made by myself.

The activity for the party was to decorate your own owl mask which I found at Michaels as well.

Isabelle really enjoyed her party and has already decided what party themes she wants up to her 15th birthday party. I think I'll take them one at a time;) 


  1. Another great job! You have such wonderful ideas. I can't believe Isabelle is 5!

  2. It was a wonderful forest day! Am I old enough to be Grandma to a 5-year old? YEAH!!! Isabelle!

  3. I love these!! I was wondering if you ever did the dinosaur themed party? My daughter is into dino's now & I would love to do something special for her bday. But I don;t even know where to begin!

  4. I never did the dinosaur themed party but I had gathered some great ideas from Etsy and other online sites in preparation for one. Just type in girl dinosaur birthday party and I was surprised at what I found. (lots of green and pink combos) One activity idea that I was going to use was to have a "fossil dig" in our sandbox. Depending on the age of your daughter and her friends the "fossils" could be plastic bone looking toys made for dogs that you can find at the dollar store. If the kids are older you could buy small dinosaurs to hide in the sand.
    Good luck with your party and please share pictures!!!