Sunday, January 8, 2012

Child's Room Africa Art

My daughter will turn 4 in a few weeks and like every typical 3 year old she wants to go to Africa for her birthday. You heard right. Africa. She can tell you every animal she would like to see in Africa and no the zoo is NOT an option. So for my adventurous daughters birthday I made her Africa for her bedroom.

I have to say that I had NO idea how many countries were in Africa until I started cutting each one out TWICE and putting them back together as a puzzle. I originally wanted to do this in fabric but 1. Fabric has gotten really expensive and 2. I could not find exactly what I wanted. So Michaels came to the rescue with a block of Animal Print scrapbooking paper.
 I bought a blank canvas and painted it gray. I then found a picture of Africa and enlarged it to the size I wanted. I cut each country out and carefully laid it out on the table. I then traced each continent onto my animal print paper and cut them out then put it all together and glued. This took most of day to complete but my daughter made it all worth while. She kept telling me how beautiful it was becoming and kept cutting the scraps I gave her so she could pretend to make her own Africa.

Wouldn't you know her big sister came home from school and wanted one too:) 


  1. Grandma agrees She'll take one too! It's perfect.

  2. I heard about this industrious project from Miss Lona (by way of your Mom). What a wonderful thing to do for your daughter! Did you make a second one for big sister or are they sharing??

  3. Thank you! A second one is not being made for big sister. She can enjoy the one in Anna's room. Isabelle will be getting some new art for her room soon. Her interest has changed from dinosaurs to horses so I have blank canvases in my basement and ideas floating around.