Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dinosaurs to Horses

My daughters have both loved dinosaurs and dragons for the past couple of years. If you have daughters who loved dinosaurs and dragons then you know how hard it is to find girl themed decor for bedrooms and parties. I made dinosaur art for both of my girls bedrooms.


Currently my oldest daughter's love of dinosaurs and dragons has changed to ballet and horses.
So for Christmas she got a horse themed quilt from Santa. (Santa shops at Target)
The dinosaur pictures came down and I made horse canvases to go in their place.


I bought a value pack of canvases at Michaels and painted each with the color I wanted. I then went online and found silhouettes of horses and enlarged them, printed them, and cut them out. I used scrapbooking scraps that I had left over from other projects and some new sheets I saw at Michaels and traced the silhouette onto the paper and cut them out then glued them to the canvas.


Now every morning while I help my daughter make her bed she informs me that she LOVES her new horses.
So worth it!


  1. Beautiful work, Lisa! I'm sure you horse decor for a girl is a little easier to find and create than dinosaurs!

  2. WOW - these turned out wonderfully. One of them even reminded me of a favorite book of yours growing up, "The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses."

  3. Thank you Mrs. Diane!
    Mom I completely forgot to look at Isabelle's copy of the book for ideas! If she ever wants a large canvas done I'll use it for inspiration.