Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Prints and Patterns - Love or Hate

I recently saw a Home Depot commercial with this DIY project. It took my breath away. Now this told me two things. One: my style is evolving (as everyone's should) and Two: where can I start experimenting.
If you were to look in my closet you would see a lot of color...solid color. I have very little in the way of printed things. Solid colors are safe, classic and you can mismatch to your hearts desire. 
With my recent birthday one week behind me and feeling a little "old" I began "playing" with my wardrobe and looking for ways to bring some fun in. I found this inspiring blog: and would highly recommend it. So this week I have been thinking outside the box and have been mixing long sleeve stripes with short sleeve solids, textures with cardigans, etc.


These pants are too far from the box for me but....

THIS I can try. I love the contrast of colors. It's very fun and both pieces can be used to make other outfits.

Decorative Home Interior

I am not saying go to THIS extent of experimentation with patterns but throw a patterned pillow here and there and see how it grows on you....or not! 

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  1. Then you MUST look at the cover of this month's BHG. Some great stencils! (Yep, the jcrew is a keeper!)