Friday, March 2, 2012

Springtime is a time to Organize

March 1st is the beginning of my "warm time". My spring has officially begun. Any snow storm that has it's eye on Harrisonburg, Va better look elsewhere! 
As much as I love warmer temperatures I also LOVE organization. One of the best gifts I got this year was a gift card to Lowes where I bought kitchen organizers for my cabinets. Heaven! 
With my youngest recently turning 7 months old (cannot be true!) I still have not found my groove where my house is clean by the end of the week, laundry is done and folded and I still have a weekend to enjoy with my family. I needed a plan. I found the weekly cleaning schedule above and modified it to fit my needs. I printed a blank schedule and slipped it into a page protector. I then filled in my daily goals with a dry erase marker and put it on the fridge. This has cut down my feeling overwhelmed and that I need to get the ENTIRE house cleaned in one day. By breaking the cleaning among 5 days I get more done and still have a weekend. I would highly recommend organizing your cleaning schedule in this way.

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  1. Dad says, "Work your plan!" I like the, if I could just implememnt it!