Friday, September 7, 2012

Infant to Toddler Room Redo - Wall Art

When my husband and I married I should have presented him with a bouquet of paint chips. Foreshadowing the life he would now have ahead. I LOVE changing the colors of my rooms. We moved into our home two years ago and every room had the same color it was originally painted...until now:) My children are growing up with the assumption that their room can have a makeover every two years. I fault entirely! My Isabelle's room went from purple and pink to "more grown up colors" blue and yellow, Anna wanted a yellow room and I wanted to change Camden's to the blue Anna already had. So Anna and Camden switched rooms and I got to work on some new wall art to go in the new room. I wanted to stick with a light blue/red/brown color scheme. 

I love Dr. Seuss books and especially their illustrations. I purchased some unfinished wood frames from Michaels and painted with chalkboard paint. I was originally going to put pictures of Camden in the frames and write cute things on the frame. After reading The Lorax to the kids lately I changed my mind to the Dr. Seuss idea. I searched the web for Seuss illustrations and added Seuss quotes that I like and printed them on card stock paper. When I tire of this idea I can change the pictures out for something else.

Since I create most of the wall art that goes in my kids rooms I have a lot of canvases. When we change a theme or color I recycle the canvases if I can for the next project. That is what I did for this project. I covered some canvases I already had with burlap. (I will warn you that working with burlap is not the best for allergy sufferers!) 

I found a plaid fabric that incorporated the color scheme I wanted for the room and used felt for the surf board, windows, and tires. I am happy with the finished product with the exception of one thing. The uneven corners of the canvas caused by the bulkiness of the burlap. I guess I can call it "rustic" art! 

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  1. Oh WOW!!! This Librarian LOVES the Dr. Seuss tie-in. So original, and I love the woody! Made me SMILE:>