Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Infant to Toddler Room Redo - Storage Bins

Like many people I have become addicted to Pinterest. My husbands says that I browse it more than he does ESPN which isn't far from the truth. I saw the above image of superhero storage bins and thought to myself "I have loads of storage bins I've purchased at Target...I can do that!"

These ADORABLE critter storage bins, made by 3 Sprouts, served as further inspiration for my storage bin makeovers.

This is the end result. I printed images of the cute 3 Sprout designs onto regular computer paper, cut them out then used as a template on fleece bought at Michaels. Some hot glue later and a clingy toddler whining in my ear and ta-da!


  1. I LOVE them - especially the 'surfing woody' and life preserver. Neat idea that can adapt with the changing interests and age. I'll bet the clingy toddler does too:>

  2. "My boys would definitely love those! I like the batman and superman logo for my two hyperactive boys! These are really a must-have in every boy's room to keep their toys and other stuffs in place!"