Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Randomness

My Christmas gift making is slowly coming to an end so I have time to make these snowflake ballerina's for the two ballerina's in my life. These are great because they can stay up all winter!

My daughter cut out the ballerina's and I cut out the snowflake tutu's. When we were finished it looked like a blizzard had blown thru out family room.

While we are on the subject of Christmas, every day that there is a magazine in the mailbox is a mini Christmas for me. I LOVE magazine day...except the January issues. (which are coming out now) Have you ever noticed that your January magazine issues might as well be the thickness of a Sunday store circular? You get this nice and thick December issue FULL of great eye candy and they leave nothing for January. I don't know about you but January is long and cold where I live and I could use a nice, thick and colorful magazine. *sigh*

With that being said I am currently reading a wonderful book, recommended by one of my dear friends. If you've been looking for an imaginative book to read this holiday season I've got one for you.

I am only 6 chapters in but this book is all sorts of fun. 
So how about you? Are you ready for Christmas?


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  1. The Ballerinas are precious. What a wonderful idea. I'll have to 'check out' the book. I like fun!