Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Brave Birthday Party

If you have little girls in your house you've probably seen Disney Pixar's movie Brave. The princess in the movie (Merida) is a spunky spit fire of a girl with curly hair and blue eyes. My Anna  fits that description (minus the red hair) and declared she was Merida. The birthday planning began.

I garnered many ideas from Pinterest and the web for inspiration. 

Quotes from the movie.

These were printed and stuck into a dollar store frame.

Goody bags included: Stickers, Play-dough, "Triplet cookies" (chocolate Teddy Grahams), an arrow pencil, a wisp Tootsie Roll lollipop, and "Fate Serum" soap.

Girls received the Merida soap and boys the Triplet soap.

Each child had a bulls eye painted bag and the birthday girl had Merida's family crest painted on her  bag.

Anna does not care for cake so she requested a big cookie cake. I asked my local grocery store to have 3 non-decorated large cookies ready for me the day before the party and I added the decorations at home.

The Lintz cookies I found at Costco looked just like the cakes eaten in the movie.

We had blue raspberry meringues to represent wisps and the blueberries to represent the berries eaten in the movie. Soft pretzels were added to the table to represent Celtic knots. 

Kid's played pin the tail on Angus. (Merida's horse)

Kid's also made their own crowns.

Of course we had the Merida costume left over from Halloween and it was declared early in the planning process that the costume would be worn.

The wig did not survive the party.

Always my wild and free girl.

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  1. Beautiful! Makes Grandma even more sad that the snow kept us away! Anna makes a PERFECT Merida