Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Heart Day!

These easy to make bags greeted my little hearts this morning. I've been collecting a few things to stuff into their new Valentine bags so they had one hanging on the back of their chairs when they came down for breakfast. 

I got the idea for the dotted heart bags from V and Co.
I purchased a 3 pack of plain bags from Walmart for a few dollars. Used the eraser end of a pencil and some fabric paint. I cut a heart out of wax paper for my stencil and went to town. Super easy and I admit I now want to make one for myself.

My little man's mustache heart idea came from a T shirt design I saw on Etsy. Just needed two left over sheets of felt and some hot glue. Super easy and adorable!

With all the inspiration I gather from Pinterest we had some fun ideas for Valentines this year.
The kid's teachers got this "Survival Kit". I bought a clear tackle box from Walmart and bought lots of pink and red Valentine candy and gum to fill it with. I cut a piece of Scrapbook paper to put on the top to make it festive. The note that the girls later attached said:

Survival Kit
For those days when you 
could use a little extra love.

I think everyone could use one of these!

Happy Heart Day!!!

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