Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Color Combinations to Love this Spring

Grey has never been very high on my favorite color list or a color I use often for parties, decorating or on clothing. I have had a HUGE change of heart over the past week. I have begun the very enjoyable task of decorating the nursery and shopping in a section of Target that I have never before....the boys department! I am thrilled with the upcoming arrival of our little boy. In my shopping this weekend I noticed a trend in color combination's at the Carters outlet that sparked my change of heart. Combination's of grey and lime, grey and orange, grey and blue. The contrast is so very crisp and refreshing it embodies the definition of Spring for me. The grey of Winter is now being peppered with the bright and bold colors of Spring. (My English prof. would be proud)

This nursery idea looks "clean" to me. There could be (and will be) toys all over the floor but the color combination and modern lines create a sense of calm that is essential to a kids room. Like my aversion to the color grey I shared a similar view of modern design. Modern design seemed cold and stiff to me and some of it still does. The revelation for me was that I could accessorize with modern touches and still keep my comfy couch and warm wood tones. The same goes for the color grey. I am not ready to paint an entire room grey but I am planning on creating wall art for the nursery in some of these color combination's.
May you also be open to a change of heart!

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  1. Stumbled upon your blog looking for ideas for some cookies and got sucked into post after post.....really enjoyed it! The owls rock!