Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lighten the Mood of your Home

I am in love I tell you. I do not know if it is because I love the colors of the coast or that anything resembling the colors of Greece have me swooning, but this collection by Sabrina Soto for Target has inspired me. This ad has appeared in every magazine that has arrived to my house and I think I cut out every one of them. 

As mentioned in the title of this entry, it is time to lighten the mood of your home. During the cold months you want colors that emit warmth. Burnt oranges, browns, and golds are perfect for creating that "cocoon" feeling but once the weather turns warm I want to break out of that cocoon and fly. 
The blue and white collection at target is classic, affordable, and crisp. I currently own a white sofa so I only needed the pillows to create this look but even if you own a tan piece these colors would work nicely. 

The pillow above has caused me great frustration. I wanted to purchase this pillow to be the focal point of the collection of pillows I already purchased. I could not find it in the store or online. I even asked an employee, directly under a picture advertising the pillow, where I could find it and the response was to keep checking back. I checked online today and I found be out of stock. (UGH!!!!) So my search continues.

The advantage to changing the mood of your home with accents is the affordability and the ease at which it is to change. My tastes are constantly changing (just ask my husband) and I cannot afford to repaint a room every season (or put my marriage to that test) so I change throw pillows, throws and comforters. I believe that every room needs a mood lifter, not just the family room. This collection also includes a bed set and bathroom set. Happy decorating!

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  1. Love the blue lamp! Pillow would be easy to make! Give it a whirl! In your Spare time!:)