Thursday, March 31, 2011

Craft Week at My House

This week has been spring break for my two munchkins and instead of being filled with warm temperatures and sunshine we have had snow and rain. So my plans have quickly been altered to inside activities and crafting for myself. 
My oldest had been asking for a dinosaur themed party for her birthday for the past year. So like any mom I started gathering ideas. (Do you know how hard it is to find "girly" dinosaur things?) Then, about 2 months ago, my wonderful daughter changed her mind to wanting a Wall-E birthday party. Three weeks later she changed her mind (AGAIN) to wanting a Bambi birthday party. I put my foot down and declared this the last time the theme could be changed. Turns out that finding Bambi themed things is just as hard as finding "girly" dinosaur things. So we are having a Bambi/Forest critter birthday party!

All of that being said, the above is my version of Friend Owl in the Bambi movie. I got the idea from  
and it really is as easy as it looks to make.

I found all of the materials I needed at my local Michaels and the project took me a day to complete. (This includes MANY interruptions from two bored children) Let your kids pick the colors and you have a decoration for the kids bedroom after the party.

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  1. They turned out GREAT! Look professional. Aren't changing minds a wonderful thing?