Friday, September 24, 2010

Home Sweet Home - Isabelle's Room

Isabelle had declared her room to be painted purple and pink before we even broke ground on the house. You may be thinking I have quite the girly daughter and her room is decked out in princess decor. You would be mistaken. Isabelle has the most AMAZING imagination and a very diverse collection of interests. She enjoys playing with Disney princess while at the same time having tea with dinosaurs. Isabelle's room reflects this.

You will notice that I fabric covered letters for Isabelle as well and this is a tribute to her (and my) love for the beach. 

Isabelle's room is located over our garage and includes a dormer on the back. The "story time nook" and dormer provide the perfect places to read, play and dream.

I just finished these dinosaurs yesterday and Isabelle loves them. It is nearly impossible to find girly themed dinosaur anything. I bought white canvases at Michaels and used leftover fabric that I had from other projects.
I drew the dinosaurs on packing paper I had leftover from the move and then pinned it to the fabric. Cut out the dinosaur, painted the canvas and then glued the fabric dinosaur to the canvas. 
I've already started to collect ideas for girly dinosaur birthday party ideas because both of my girls love them!

I have to say that for a purple and pink room it really is adorable. However, just like her mother who changes her mind all the time, Isabelle informed me yesterday that she would now like a yellow and green room.  We are living with the purple and pink for at least  one year!

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  1. The dinosaurs turned out wonderfully. LOVE the Stegasaurus!:)