Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Home Sweet Home - Landscaping

As you know, I keep binders of ideas I see in magazines so of course I had some ideas of what I wanted our yard to look like. My WONDERFUL husband gave me the reigns (so to speak) to decorate the interior of our home and landscape the exterior. I was intimidated by the idea of picking out plants and knowing how far apart to plant them and so on so we consulted with a landscaper. He came up with some designs and prices and although they were nice they were not what I had envisioned. So we decided to tackle the project on our own and I must say we did a pretty good job.

We found all of our plants at Costco, Lowes, Home Depot and one of the nurseries that the landscaper used. We lucked out in starting this project right as nurseries were discounting their plants for the end of the season and Costco was getting in new plants for the planting season. 

This bed is full of Arborvitae, Nandina, Japanese holly, and a Japanese Red Maple.

Ornamental grasses were planted around the heating and cooling unit.

Ruby ornamental grasses really do give off a relaxed and cooling affect. There is always a breeze blowing and the sway of the grasses remind me of sea grasses I so love at the Outer Banks.


We purchased three beautiful Nanchez White Crepe Myrtles to plant along the left side of our yard and a Maple tree that turns a brilliant red in the fall for the right side of the yard. I don't know which will grow faster. The maple tree or my two beautiful girls!

A fire pit was something my husband and I have always wanted so when we saw a Lowes DIY fire pit project we were thrilled. This literally took about an hour to put together. It consists of a wire fire pit and retaining wall bricks. That's it! We cannot wait to have friends over for a S'mores night.

The landscaping turned out better than I could of imagined and I know it will forever be an ongoing project. I just love having a yard of our own to plant in!


  1. Everything looks BEAUTIFUL! But I think you left out the part about the back-breaking work and water, water, water!!! :)

  2. Exactly! That should be assumed:)