Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall - An Inviting Entry

What better way to announce to your neighbors that fall has come to your home than to dress up your front porch? Fall foliage is a great filler and brings a punch of color to the area you want to dress up. I know my dad, and many of you who rake piles of leaves every fall, would shake your head at the thought of BUYING leaves to decorate with but do it anyway. Silk leaves are bug free and can be used year after year. I would recommend buying leaf garland for use on tables, mantles and other flat areas you want decorate. (Michaels has a great selection every year) Buy branches of fall foliage to fill tin buckets or vases for a beautiful and dramatic affect. 

Better Homes and Gardens

Finding a classy wreath for any season can be a daunting task. I fail to understand why some people feel the need to pack every kind of flower, twig, fruit....you name it into ONE wreath. I have found that when you find one item, be it wheat, red berries, a flower....anything....and build an entire wreath of that object you have a very clean and welcoming wreath. The wreaths above are beautiful examples.

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