Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween - Candy Corn

When I hear the word Halloween the first candy that comes to mind is candy corn and candy pumpkins. The sweet and tangy mixture is quite addictive. There are SO many uses for the candy and inspiration for decor that I just had to share.

This is a great whimsical decoration that kid and adult will love. The tissue paper pom poms come in a Martha Stewart craft kit and from my own experience they are very easy to make. Hang them over your food table or hang them from your ceiling throughout the room.

I know I say this a lot but I LOVE this idea! This has got to be one of the cheapest decorating idea's I know of. Go to the dollar store and buy several bags of candy corn and spread them out in a table runner form on your table. TA DA!!!

A clear vase, pillar candle and a vase filler are wonderful for any space you like to change with the seasons or holidays. Using candy corn as your filler for this Halloween season adds color and nostalgia to your table. Another option would be to omit the candle completely and fill varying sizes of clear vases with different levels of candy corn and arrange on your dining room table or candy buffet.

Finding ways to create the look of candy corn with other foods is not all that hard. This candy corn parfait is a light dessert option for your Halloween party this year. 

Hilarious! If you don't make this cake for Halloween you should save the idea for April Fools. This is just a fun cake idea that is extremely easy to make and would be a wonderful dessert to make with kids. It consists of cake, vanilla frosting, candy corn (stuck into iced cake with yellow end facing out) and green fondant. Now that is a vegetable most kids would enjoy!

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