Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween - Wizard of Oz party

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I am sure you have movies that you watch at certain times of year. White Christmas for Christmas, Something's Gotta Give for the summer, You've Got Mail for the fall, and Wizard of Oz for Halloween. Those are just some of my picks for the holidays and seasons. Wizard of Oz is full of imagination and the perfect theme for a Halloween party.


This cute Oz invite from Etsy sets the tone of the party. It obviously looks to be a kids party but if you want a more grown up look make your own.
Adult invite idea:
  • Cut yellow card stock to the size of invitation you want
  • Print the party info. in the center of the invitation
  • Buy or make your own ruby red slipper stickers and past at the bottom corner of the invite
  • You have an instant Wizard of Oz invitation
Ask your guests to dress up as characters from the movie to make it even more fun.

Party 411

If you have the time, go to your local Lowes and pick up some pavers and paint them yellow to make a yellow brick road up your sidewalk or even for a small doormat.

Amy Atlas via Project Wedding

Fill the party location with green decor and food. Your party is now being held in the Emerald City!


These fun witch cupcakes are perfect for the party. If I ever saw a "not scary" witch this would be it. Perfect for a kid-friendly party.


These "baskets" and "Toto's" are an adorable idea for party favors. Fill the baskets with Halloween goodies and have your guests clicking their heels back home.

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  1. Love the new picture in your bio! So Cute! Now, where is "It's a Wonderful Life" for Christmas? :)