Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Chalkboards - Not only for the Classroom

 Pictures taken by Lisa Flory

Chalkboard paint is a wonderful invention. One day while walking around in Michaels, I came across a small pamphlet of crafty ideas to make with chalkboard paint and my creative juices started flowing.
I loved the idea of painting pots to hold things in my little girls rooms and applied the idea to a baby shower I hosted for a dear friend last fall.

I bought some clay pots, chalkboard paint, craft paint, chalk, and pansies.
After two coats of the paint I sealed it with a spray on pot sealant and planted my flowers. 
After the flowers lived out their lives the mother-to-be could wash out the pots and use them for storage containers in the nursery. 
This idea can be applied to pots holding herbs in your kitchen or even gift idea's for your friends and family.
This week we will be discovering the many wonderful things you can do and make with chalkboard paint.

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