Monday, April 26, 2010

Garden Variety

I love this time of year when the farmers are planting their crops, home gardens are being started and the farmer's markets are open again. My grandparent's were farmers and my own parents planted a large vegetable garden in our backyard. The memories of dirt between my toes and picking ladybugs off of potato leaves is a fond one. It is for that reason that this week is dedicated to garden inspirations.

I have to warn that I am going to gush over this a bit but how can you not?!? The only thing missing from this tray of delicious cupcakes is Peter Rabbit himself.
Why not host a Garden party this spring? You provide the food and some soil and seeds and have your guests bring the pots they wish to house their seedlings. 
You might discover an inner gardener that you did not know existed!

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