Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kid's Birthday Party Themes - Pajama/Slumber Party


Comfy pajamas - Check
Wacky socks (preferably clean) or Fuzzy slippers - Check
Favorite stuffed animals - Check
Gooey, sticky, and simply delicious s'mores - Check
All ending in a memorable pillow fight - Check

The makings of a Pajama/Slumber Party could be one of the most fun parties to throw and be a part of. When else can you all be wearing your PJs and eating LOTS of sugary sweets? Not a common occurrence in my house I can tell you and that's what makes this kind of birthday party even more special.

Giggledust Parties

I love the idea of turning a table into a bed...that you eat on!

Real Simple

This is actually a set up for a baby shower but can be applied to our themed birthday bash.
Why not include a story time in the festivities...complete with flashlights for each child and a fuzzy stuffed animal.
I can guarantee your birthday boy or girl will go to bed with happy dreams!

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