Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cookies - Sugar Heaven

Oh sweet heaven! When I first came across Sweetopia it reminded me of the game Candyland. Your mind will overload with all of the delicious sugary creations that Marian has made. I had to take a deep breath:)
It is here that I found THE perfect sugar cookie recipe, icing recipe, and MANY helpful tutorials on technique and baking.
 Sugar Cookie recipe

This recipe is perfect for many reasons but the main of course being the taste. It has a rich, buttery, shortbread taste. My family loved them.
The second great thing about this recipe is that they hold the shape of the cookie I cut out. I had problems in the past with the shape becoming an unrecognizable blob and try explaining to your 3 year old daughter that the blob is really a butterfly. Does not go over well.

Royal Icing recipe

The icing recipe and the helpful techniques provided make this cookie an over the top creation.
The icing dries quickly so you do need to work quickly but the result is a smooth surface and tasty treat.



Not only does Marian give you this beautiful eye candy to look at but she teaches you how to obtain the same creation in your OWN kitchen. I know you will enjoy making and eating these beautiful cookies as much as I do.

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