Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Garden Party - Setting the Atmosphere

Setting the atmosphere of a party is just as important as setting the table in my opinion. In the pictures above I would say location, location, location. It just takes your breath away! The simplicity of the dinner in the field is elegant to me. You do not need much, if any, fluff to make a table setting beautiful. 
If you don't happen to have a big field available to you and you're not on a plane to Africa, there are many other ways of making your garden party memorable and tranquil.

A few hanging lanterns turn this into quite the romantic dinner for two in your own backyard.
I found hanging lanterns, similar to those in the picture, in the dollar bins at Target last week. This is a very affordable decoration and can be used again and again.

These cost a bit more than the lanterns in the dollar bins at Target but well worth the cost. After using these for your garden party use them as decor in your home or front porch. 

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