Friday, April 23, 2010

Cookie Tools

Layer Cake shop

It is a fact that my cookie cutter collection intimidates some of my family (my husband). Our local farmer's market has a kitchen store that keeps me stocked with a great assortment of cookie cutters. As you have seen from my posts this week there are SOOO many shapes, sizes and themes to create with cookies.
The online store, the Layer Cake shop, has expanded my horizons with new cookie cutters, sprinkles, cupcake wrappers and much more.


Sprinkles truly make everything look and taste better. Fill a dessert dish with a couple of spoonfuls of whipped cream and a couple of shakes of sprinkles on top and watch the kids go wild. One of my kitchen cupboards is dedicated to my collection of sprinkles and I admit, that when I open the door the rainbow of colors just makes me smile.
I hope this weeks theme of decorated cookies has given you lot's of inspiration for your next batch!

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