Tuesday, May 25, 2010

FYI about Tea

I admit that when it comes to actually drinking tea I prefer it poured over ice and fairly sweet. There are times when a cup of nice warm tea soothes every muscle in my body or forces me to slow down and take a deep, relaxing breath. 

When researching the types of tea during a day I found two main categories.

Afternoon Tea
"Is a leisurely afternoon tea meal usually served in fine fashion and in several courses. Afternoon teas are generally more elegant than evening high teas. This is sometimes called 'low tea' because it was held at the low tables in the parlor."

High Tea
"Is a common British supper served after 5:30 and accompanied by a pot of tea. It was called high tea because it was served at the high or kitchen table."
* Definitions taken from Mrs. Hardesty's Tea Room *

Now that you are informed of the proper titles of tea times, feel free to throw a tea party any time of day (or evening after the kids are in bed) .

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