Monday, May 10, 2010

Puppy Birthday Party - Success

Littlest Pet Shop Birthday Cake by Lisa

I have to admit that being able to use my daughter's toys for decoration was very nice to have. I did not even think of it until I was setting up the table and then I realized I would have to ask "permission" to use her beloved toys. Luckily she was so excited to be involved in the whole process of putting her party together that she sprinted to find her toys before I could finish asking her the question.

The popcorn containers were filled with my daughter's favorite kettle popcorn. I have served popcorn before but never in their designated containers. This was great, especially for the young ones, to have something they could hold in their lap instead of trying to steady a plate full of sweets.

Scooby Snacks

Chocolate covered pretzel rods. A birthday party necessity!

Dirt dessert with candy dog bones. This was my favorite dessert I must say.

My pennant banner success. I found the puppy print fabric at our local Walmart. Very easy to put together even without sewing skills. I should know!

My first attempt at making a banner turned out pretty well I thought. I have made another for the baby shower I am helping to host this coming weekend that I will post next week. 

This birthday party was a big success in my mind. With a large dose of my daughter's bright imagination, lot's of sugar, and plenty of smiles I think year 4 was welcomed perfectly.

*Pictures taken by Lisa & Kevin*

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