Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Outdoor/Garden Tea Party

Now you may look at this picture and think, I do not own a single piece of furniture that would fall into the category of "fancy". Neither do I!!! This does not excuse you from not creating seating that is pleasing to the eye.

 House to Home

 Her Wedding Planner

A chair can be dressed up with flowers, a bow, or a linen slipcover. A very inexpensive decoration can turn a folding chair into a "fancy" chair fit for a tea party.

Country Living

I LOVE the idea of an informal tea. A game of croquet while sipping on tea sounds like my idea of fun!

Maya * Made

I think everyone should get dressed up every now and again. Include on your invitation that you would like for all of the ladies to wear their favorite hat and the men to wear a bow tie.
These newspaper hats are a great twist to the hat requisite.

Whether your party is simplistic or dressed to impress, have fun with it. Nobody enjoys a stuffy atmosphere at a party.

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