Monday, May 3, 2010

Puppy Birthday Party Inspiration - The Cake

My oldest is turning 4 this week and like every mom I cannot believe where the time has gone.
I begin planning my daughter's birthday parties month's in advance which can be smart and daring at the same time. Smart, because I have time to find inspiration, buy supplies, and make what I need before the big day. Daring, because 4 year olds (especially girls in my experience) change their minds. Constantly.
My daughter decided on a puppy themed party and, with several alterations to the theme along the way, I think she and I have have come up with a fun take on a usually pegged boy themed party.

The cake above served as the starting point of our party planning.
Until one day, a good month of buying supplies for above cake behind us, while walking thru Walmart my daughter spots this:

She simply and honestly said she wanted a Littlest Pet Shop party now. I think the baker that was icing a cake behind the counter saw steam rising from my head. I reminded my sweet little girl that we had already picked out a theme and bought things for her party. To a 3 year old's mind that does not really sink in.
So, long story short, we compromised. I know this may sound silly to everyone reading this. It's just a cake and it's HER day and both are true however; I am a person who likes to prepare and be prepared well in advance of events. My daughter is teaching me, in her own way, to "chill out".
Our compromised cake will incorporate elements of both cakes and resemble the cake below.

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